How to Collect Numismatic Coins and Secure Your Financial Future

Do you want to know how to guarantee your Financial Future, do you want to learn how to collect numismatic coins and grow your assets?You might be saying, “What is Numismatics and why should I collect numismatic coins?”The word “numismatic” means the study and collecting of money. Numismatic coins are legal tender coins that are sought after by collectors. These include everything from the ancient coins used as currency from the beginning of civilization, to the official coins minted by the Roman Empire; all the way through to today’s modern issue silver and gold coins produced by the world’s government mints.Every hour 11 million numismatic coins change hands globally. Did you know that over 70% of all people worldwide have a coin collection.Now you’re probably rubbing your chin saying, “Yeah!! You’re right! I have my great grandfather’s coin collection that he passed down to my father, who passed it down to me. I’m saving it for my children.”So you ARE already a collector of coins, but are you a Numismatist. A numismatist is a coin collector that is very well learned on the right way to collect numismatic coins and which types of numismatic coins to collect. To collect numismatic coins and make it profitable, you must know what to collect.All coins worldwide are graded on the Sheldon Scale. This scale from 1 to 70, ‘graded’ silver and gold numismatic coins are not ordinary, they are special. The value of collectible numismatic coins is based not only on their precious metal content, but also on collector demand, actual condition and rarity. When they are certified and graded by esteemed experts that makes them more desirable valuable than ordinary, ungraded silver or gold bullion coins. A perfect numismatic collectible coin is graded an MS 70 coin or MINT State 70 coin. The top rating that any coin can receive.Over the years only a handful of companies have grown to become the trustworthy grading go to companies worldwide. These are the largest and most trusted coin grading services: ANACS, NGC, and PCGS. It is crucial to have one of these companies grading the coins that you are collecting or you might not actually be receiving what you thought you were. The greatest advantage is that graded coins are certified and ultrasonically encapsulated for presentation, long term value and preservation.In this day and age of Global Recession and Impending Economic Collapse, wouldn’t it be comforting to know that your assets were truly protected. Wouldn’t it be fantastic to realize that even if the Global Economy crashed, you would still have collectible assets that have become more valuable as time has passed?Over the last 50 years or so the price of silver and gold has continued to rise. Do you know that if you had a stack of 2500 paper dollars and a stack of 2500 silver coins in 1966; they both could have purchased you a new MUSTANG convertible. Today a stack of 2500 paper dollars would barely be enough for a down payment; but a stack of collectible silver coins could buy 3 of those same cars with money left over.When you collect Numismatic Coins, you are securing your financial future.We have all seen the stock market crash over and over again throughout the years. Our financial investments blow in the winds of the economic tide. The value of our paper money was condemned when President Nixon removed the Gold Standard in 1971. Our paper money was no longer valued in comparison to Gold and so has therefore lost its foundation. Precious metals like silver and gold are our hedge against a global inflation that has become unmanageable and unrealistic.Numismatics is the opportunity to learn how to make money, collect assets and secure your retirement, your children’s education fund and your financial future..

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Main Advantages of Private Health Care

Reduced waiting period: this is one of the advantages coming with private health care that has made it appealing to all kinds of people. As much as NHS is wonderful in providing medical treatment, it can sometimes take long before the patients are attended to as a result of long queues. With the private health care however, you can be sure to be checked by a health specialist privately as soon as the need arises. This means that you can have the condition well taken care of sooner.Improved cleanliness: the private health institutions tend to be much cleaner and hygienic compared to the public ones. The establishments do not have any resources limiting and hence are in a position to take care of their cleanliness thus leaving the patients feeling better throughout their time in the health centers.Numerous health options: private health care caters for different kinds of medical situations. Even though there are areas that it does not cover and they are covered by NHS, you will also find that it has areas that it covers that the NHS would not normally cover. You will also have numerous choices of where to get your treatment from and this is something you would not have enjoyed with other health options.Privacy: private health care comes with privacy. Unlike in other medical options where you will have to share the room with several other patients, you can be sure to enjoy a private room with amenities such as a television set and a bathroom that is private. This is comfort hard to find elsewhere.Free visiting hours: the private health care does not have any restrictions when it comes to visiting hours. This means that you can have your friends and family visit you at any given time depending on the times of the day they are free and available or willing to come and visit you. It is a huge advantage that has added greatly to the popularity of private health care. You will find it easy to recover surrounded by friends and family.Personalized service: you will also enjoy personalized services under private medical care. You will have private time to discuss your condition and symptoms with the doctor without having to wait too long. It is also possible that you will be taken care of by the very first consultant who handles you throughout the treatment thus you enjoy continuity care at its best.

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What Is a Commercial Bridge Loan and How To Get One

The commercial bridge loan act as interim financing and is used to quickly close on a commercial real estate property. These types of loans are also used to take advantage of an opportunity that is only available for the short-term or to save real estate from foreclosure. Bridge loans tend to be more expensive than the usual commercial financing options. This is because commercial loans are riskier than conventional loans.The term, “commercial bridge loan” generally applies to the use of the funds instead of the source of the funding or the guidelines that are imposed during the transaction. In a sense, all commercial loans can be bridge loans. However, normally, the term is associated with programs that fall into the unconventional realm of financing. A good example is when a borrower lacks enough cash equity in a business property; he or she could seek a commercial loan with a 14 percent interest rate and from 3 to 5 points. However, if he or she could make as much as a 30 percent down payment, the borrower might qualify for a conventional mini-perm loan from a bank at up to 3 percent over prime and one point.Interest rates for commercial bridge loans typically run from 12-15 percent. With terms of 12 months, from two to four points may be levied. The LTV (loan to value) ratios tend not to be greater than 65 percent for properties that have been classified as commercial.A first charge commercial bridge loan is typically available at a higher loan-to-value ration than a second charge loan. This is because of the lower risk level involved. At times, commercial bridge loans are closed, meaning that they are available only for a timeframe that has been predetermined. Alternately, they can be open, which means that a fixed payoff date has not been determined. In the latter case, a required payoff is usually set after a certain length of time, however.It is not uncommon for a property developer to obtain a loan while approval is pending for a required building permit. They can also be used by an already-existing business to enable that business to run smoothly during a transitional period between CEOs or other company officers. Additionally, they can be used to sustain a company from running out of money between successive private equity financing operations and to carry businesses that are in trouble while their owner(s) seek larger investors. Finally, the commercial bridge loan can be used as debt financing to maintain the business through the period right before an acquisition or initial public offering.Ideally, the financial institution that offers a commercial bridge loan will offer as much as 100 percent financing and additional collateral without requiring upfront fees. Borrowers should seek the lender who does not impose outrageous prepayment penalties and who has a full range of loan terms. There should be options for flexible extensions and the ability to make speedy decisions. Expect higher rates overall for the commercial bridge loan, but remember that they do have their advantages.

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